Success Stories

From the Spring into Shape Challenge Winner: Andrew DeNering

I lost 24 pounds in 6 weeks. These were my keys to success: I started by asking myself what motivates me? Winning $300, while nice, wasn’t going to do it. I’m competitive, so I created an enemy… Chris Hess, because Chris always loses the most weight in these contests. Every time I'd see Chris, I'd double my efforts. I also needed a reason to break the habit of eating out. The competition gave me a socially acceptable reason to say no to dinners and to walk during lunch. Everyone knows food intake is 80% weight loss.

As for food: for the first two weeks, I ate my regular foods but only 3 small spoon fulls followed by a glass of water, then 20 minutes later, if hungry, another 3 bites and water, etc. Calorie intake worked out to around 1400 calories daily. Every bite tasted so much better than usual. I also drank double the amount of coffee craving flavor and a low calorie drink. Weeks 3-6, regular meals but all portions were cut in half. I ate lots of eggs and chicken breasts. It was easy to keep deviled eggs and grilled chicken in the refrigerator for a quick meal. Consumed lost of soups, portion controlled bags of nuts, and so much water. Around 1600 calories daily. I'll admit I had the occasional beer and few spoon fulls of homemade ice cream.

As for exercise: I have been doing group classes particularly, Mindy’s bootcamp, Javier’s fun but crazy beat down, and Rob’s spin for a long time, and training with Roland for the past year so I had a good base. I continued all my regular activity but added a minimum of 500 calories of any kind of aerobic activity daily. Normally , I'd substitute say swimming for a work out, but for the past 6 weeks, I strictly added activities so working out in the morning and doing 500 calories on the elliptical was not an excuse for not hiking in the afternoon. Plus, I used a step counter to ensure I did at least 10,000 steps daily. It was hard to make time for this, but for 6 weeks exercise was given priority.

Finally, I reached deep into the closet to wear the smaller uncomfortable clothes. We all have them; a reminder of the thinner you. Going forward, I plan to listen more closely to my body about portion size and whether I’m really hungry. Like many, I eat largely as a stress reducer or to be social. Once I got over being irritated because of my sugar levels were low, I actually felt better eating less. Thank you to my coach, Roland and everyone else who supported this effort!

Biggest Winner Ultimate Thinner Participant beats Diabetes!


Thanks so much for being our coach. Thanks for challenges each week. Thanks to TBC I’ve completely turned by diabetes around!!!!! It’s so rewarding to exercise your body and mind. I fell more alert and energized than I have in a very long time. I will not be sticking needles in my arm as a full blown diabetic because of this discipline. There are no words to express my gratitude to TBC for putting this challenge on as it changed my life. Because of my decisions those around me are making the change in theirs.

70 Pounds Lighter and More Motivated Than Ever!

Jamie weighed in at 255 pounds in April 2012. He started TBC and his 90 day paleo challenge on June 1st, eating a strict paleo diet and participating in TBC Boot camps, Spin classes and Yoga group fitness classes during those 3 months. He won the challenge and lost 40 pounds and 20% body fat during that time!

After the challenge, he started training for Tough Mudder doing trail runs and continuing group fitness with TBC and in October. As of today, Jamie is now down to 185 pounds, which is 70lbs total for the year, and has added lean mass and made progressive strength gains and body composition changes. Jamie's original size 38 waist pants were tight in the spring of 2012. He is now buying size 32 jeans today.

Jamie has been a true inspiration to so many. His journey to Health and Fitness has not only transformed his life, but many others.