We Have 2 Lakeland Locations!

We opened our doors in an effort to help our neighbors get fit and live a healthy lifestyle. We have a passion for helping people reach their highest potential and their fitness goals.

North Location- 5121 US Hwy 98 North, in the NorthTown Square Plaza, just past the Lakeland Mall.

South Location- 5705 S. Florida Ave, Lakeland, FL 33813

Our Happy Customers

  • Just started the Boot camps about a week ago..By far the most Chanllenging / Enjoyable time of my life.. If your in the Lakeland area and don't have a gym to go to. TBC24 Fitness North is the place to...

    Just started the Boot camps about a week ago..By far the most Chanllenging / Enjoyable time of my life.. If your in the Lakeland area and don't have a gym to go to. TBC24 Fitness North is the place to go!

    Malachi Livingston

The People Who Make Everything Possible

The importance of a “healthy breakfast” is nutritional gospel. Everyone from your grandma, to your personal trainer, to your favorite fitness magazine “knows” a morning meal will help you lose weight and stay lean.

But is “what everyone knows” actually true?

Sure, most research on breakfast and body comp shows that breakfast eaters tend to be leaner than non-breakfast-eaters.

Unfortunately, as you’ll see below, a lot of scientific research doesn’t quite “prove” what people think it does.

Yes, science is our main pathway to genuine discovery. But it’s also a human endeavor, and fallible. That’s right, despite their expertise, scientists are people too.

As such, they (...

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Hello Warriors,

I am writing this while sitting on a ten and a half hour flight back from Europe. Over the last 5 days, I had the opportunity to present to over 500 people in 4 different Danish cities. As always, I get invigorated from presenting, but I must admit looking long flights in the face can be daunting. But, due to my travel schedule, for this flight I was upgraded to “first class.” The more I travel, the more often this occurs. But as I sit here with more legroom, privacy, a larger movie screen and more food and service, I realized that the upgrade was not due to either how much I travel or that it was my lucky day. I realized that I was sitting in first class more than ever, because I have changed my previous seco...

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Elite Performance With Mike Boyle: Train the Core While Standing
A strong core allows you to be stronger, faster more powerful in everything you do on the field. It also helps prevent injury by keeping you balanced and stable.
Training your core is more complicated than doing a few Crunches. There are several aspects you need to consider to build complete core strength. Mike Boyle, a renowned strength coach and co-founder of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning (Woburn, Massachusetts), provides his recommended core strengthening exercises below.

Preventing ExtensionPeople are programmed to think that they need to flex their abs in a crunching fashion to work their core. That’s why Crunches and Sit-Ups have been go-to exercises for ye...

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Pay in Full for the entire Six weeks, or Pay per week only $30!

Slots will be filling up FAST! For more details or to sign-up, contact Jordan (863) 738-9393 OR Javier (863) 937-2390


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Blogging takes time, but it definitely pays off in the long run. Consistently update your blog with posts that are relevant to your industry.

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